Ceaseless Boring Constant | The Coast Halifax

Ceaseless Boring Constant

Or, in a word, Repetitive; I know it is easy to pick on, but that's perhaps because it is a large, incessant, pervasive din on a loop. Good luck to any artist this elephantine, cloying lump sinks its teeth into; Vampire Weekend has now become the most despised sound to ever have entered our home; you'd think Horchata is the only piece they'd ever produced! Play some freekin' B sides; hell, play some A sides, mais change ta cris de disque, tabarnac!

Man, you guys are a real dirge, and yes, I'm sure, some dead-weight union burden is part of it, but come on!!! Also, please, please, please stop incessantly "thanking" us for being there, we're not really there. What else? Oh yes, a huge middle finger up your bovine ass for not (ever) broadcasting the Habs... there, that feels better already! —Yvanquoi