Erica Sigurdson

Appearing at Halifax Comedy Festival

“When I started, I thought if I could just be a touring comic and make money at this, that would be it,” says comic Erica Sigurdson. “But it isn’t quite as fun the fourth time you’ve gone through Moose Jaw.” The easygoing performer will make her third appearance at the Halifax Comedy Festival this week, on the heels of gigs writing for the Geminis and appearing on City TV’s The CityNews List. In 2008 she played Ginger’s (“boiling hot”) and the Cohn, which she’s happy to be returning to. “Theatre shows are almost always good, because people have paid a lot of money,” she says from her Vancouver home. “It’s not like a comedy club, where you’re like, ‘I hope there’s not some drunk birthday party.’ Very few people go to a theatre show and get hammered and heckle comedians.”