25 for 25: episode 1998 | The Coast Halifax

25 for 25: episode 1998

Stephen Kimber joins us to talk about Gerald Regan's legacy, 20 years after the former Nova Scotian premier stood trial on multiple charges of sexual assault.

It was #MeToo moment decades before #MeToo even existed. Gerald Regan, former Nova Scotian premier and Liberal party statesman, brought to court on eight charges of sexual assault against victims as young as 14.

Journalist Stephen Kimber was there watching the trial in 1998 when Regan was eventually acquitted. He wrote about the story for The Coast and later in his book, Aphrodisiac: Sex, Politics, Power and Gerald Regan.

Kimber joins us on this episode talking about the trial and Regan's tarnished legacy.

Also on this episode, we discuss the tragedy of the Swissair crash, Halifax police try to shut down Savage Love, Titanic-mania sweeps through the tourism industry and council starts looking for solutions to cleaning up the harbour.


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