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Juke joints

Where the original iPod battle still goes down for a few cents a song.

Leather jackets, over-slicked coifs, strategically placed combs, oh-so-hip dance moves---Grease has us loving it to 1950s pieces, and that jukebox diner scene is something dreams are made of. We checked out a couple bars that keep a polished jukebox in the corner---and two of the three have shifted to the digital world. Oh, Sandy.

Economy Shoe Shop

While manager David Page says the Shoe Shop's vacationing owner is the one who knows all the stories, he filled us in nicely. There's a jukebox in the Diamond Bar, with a whole load of CDs. "It's a lot of good late '70s, early '80s, but everything goes," says Page. He adds that locals like Joel Plaskett and The Trews are represented, as well as a "couple of half-decent old Tom Petty records." It's free until 6pm, then a buck for two songs.

1663 Argyle Street, 423-8845

Dutchie's Pub

Enter the wifi zone---Dutchie's has a TouchTunes jukebox, which searches and streams from the interweb. Bartender Emily Haley says it's used every day, with such a varied playlist that she can't pull out any regularly played songs. It's 50 cents a song, but the more you want the cheaper it gets: five songs for a toonie, and on up from there.

3671 Dutch Village Road, 445-5256

Charlie's Club

Any Charlie's Club (pictured above) regulars should have noticed a TouchTunes jukebox pop up in the corner recently, playing anything you want in any language you'd like---it even takes plastic! Excuse us for being old fashioned, but scrounging for quarters is something the jukebox aficionados are going to miss.

5580 Cunard Street, 429-1401