Campsite Rule

WHY is every beach in this city a goddamn bio-hazard? Even the relatively remote lake beaches that you have to hike in to are littered with cigarette butts. Do you people think that shit's not garbage? Do you think the world is your ashtray? Do you think the "government" has an obligation to provide you with conveniently located ashtrays, and also to pay someone to come out and clean them on the regular? FUCK YOU. Take your effing garbage out with you and dispose of it appropriately. By all means, enjoy your cigarette. But when you have sucked all the pleasure out of it, put the butt in your pocket and take it with you. What's that? It's dirty? Are you shitting me? You won't put it in your pocket but you'll put it in your MOUTH? Fuck you again. It's so much a part of your life that you have no concept of how dirty, nasty, and gross it is. You don't want to walk back to your car with a few butts in your pocket, but you think I should be fine with walking through them and sitting on them and putting my belongings down on them. Fuck you yet another time. Take your butts with you, you dirty motherfuckers.
—Miss Anthrope