25 for 25: episode 1997 | The Coast Halifax

25 for 25: episode 1997

Mayor Mike Savage talks about his dad, Susan Dodd digs up the Westray Inquiry and we dive into craft beer culture with Brian Titus and Emily Tipton.

The year 1997 is when Mike Savage first tried—and failed—to enter politics. It's also the year his father, John Savage, resigned as premier. The mayor joins us in studio to talk about both events and his family's history in Dartmouth of yore.

University of King's College professor Susan Dodd is also here to discuss the Westray Inquiry: the infuriating behaviour of the mining officials who refused to take part and the former premier who blamed the men underground for their own deaths.

If that wasn't enough, on this jam-packed episode we dive into craft beer culture. Garrison founder Brian Titus stops by with Boxing Rock owner Emily Tipton (who's also president of the Nova Scotia Craft Brewers Association) to reminisce about those early days and how the industry has matured two decades hence.

All this, plus future-Buzzfeed editor Craig Silverman measures politicians' heads for bike helmets, the government tries to hire journalism students for propaganda and media bigot Harry Flemming craps back up again to suggest Nova Scotia should re-segregate its schools.


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