I hope someone sticks that rake... | The Coast Halifax

I hope someone sticks that rake...

To the guy who for some reason felt the need to respond to my plea on Kijiji for a free rake, with the words: "A rake cost $7.99 at home hardware. I just bought one today, I'm sure ya can afford that much instead of bumming!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH."

WHAT THE HELL. I'm so glad you're fortunate enough to go buy everything you need, but I'm not! I'm a student, I can only work part time, and I've been supporting my boyfriend who got laid off. I'm BROKE. I can barely afford rent and FOOD, let alone a fucking RAKE. Yeah, it may only be right bucks, but that ADDS UP. As I explained in my add, there's cigarette butts all over my yard (thanks, previous tenants and my cat is fucking EATING THEM, so I was looking for a bit of charity. Thanks for making me feel like asking Halifax for help is useless. I wasn't BUMMING, I was just ASKING.

I hope karma comes back to bite you in the ass, hard. —Still in Need of a Fucking Rake