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Six Haligonians plan their perfect summer days

Who needs to make plans when you can borrow these ones?

Oshé Orifa blogger, @osheorifa
"My perfect summer day starts with a typical 'me' breakfast: Avocado toast and an egg on the side. In the afternoon, I hangout with friends on an Instagram-worthy brunch date at Taiyaki 52. Around the early evening hours, I enjoy what makes Halifax so great in the summer: sun and beer—so I hit Stillwell Beergarden for a tall glass of cider, barbecue chicken and pick up a graham cracker vanilla swirl cone at Dairy Bar on the way out. My night consists of a Disney movie night-in—which somehow ends up at Bitter End dancing with my boyfriend. My vibe for summer 2018 is healthy, light, full of #instagood pics, and #youngwildandfree nights to tell the grandkids about."

Arielle Twist sex educator and writer, @arielletwist
"My perfect summer day starts spending low-key time with my partner in bed while re-runs of The Mindy Project play in the background. Later in the morning, we go for brunch at EDNA (which is a great spot for double dates) for their Sweet & Salty—it's a bougie treat. I really like decadent things, so in the afternoon we go to the Halifax Public Garden to enjoy its beauty and read under the willow tree near the fountain with some sneaky sangrias. After that, we visit busy Spring Garden Road and get vegan ice cream at the Dairy Bar. The day ends at The Local for their Horsepower beer—which is $3.75 a pint—hanging out with my art friends talking about our projects (like my poetry book coming out in Spring 2019 ). After some drinks, the Khyber is the last stop where I listen to DJ Fadzwa and enjoy a dance party."

Sam Bambrick founder of Alternative Routes tours, @alternativeroutes
"My perfect summer day morning wouldn't be complete without an Americano from Espresso 46. After lingering there for too long, I return home to water my garden. The sun is shining, so I have to go for a swim. No lakes for me—I'm an ocean girl, so I end up along the south shore at a secret beach with a picnic of goodies from LF Bakery. After the beach, I'm at Dee Dee's eating the largest chocolate and banana cardamom ice cream they'll let me buy. When night falls, I head to The Local for Campari and see some music, but eventually I end up at some north end backyard bonfire for some tunes, giggles and food—there is so much food."

Nick Hudson photographer, @nickhudsonphoto
"My perfect summer day starts by catching the bus downtown for coffee at my favourite cafe Weird Harbour for an Americano. In the afternoon, I meet up with other photographers and explore what's going on in Halifax, take photos and enjoy a sunny day. Winding down, I head to the waterfront to relax a bit before going for dinner with my girlfriend some place local. Later that night, we spend time watching a movie, having popcorn and relaxing—I also find some time for photo editing. Overall the vibe is warm, happy, and carefree—something I strive for."

Brandon Mott DJ, @brandonmott
"My perfect summer day begins around noon—despite the allure of an early morning. I wake up to Instagram posts of amazing deals at EDNA and Lion & Bright, but end up skipping brunch because some friends are heading to the beach! We arrive at Queensland a bit late, but there's still enough time to bask in the sun and sip on Bulwark Cider...and pose a bit for social media and spill the tea about people in our feeds. Packing up the car, we roll down the windows, throw on our shades and wind through the backroads blasting house music during our golden drive. We get back just before sundown and hit up Highwayman for a refreshing mezcal negroni and share some pintxos while we talk plans to do it all again."

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Rene Amit
, student/east coast rep for Tenfed, @iamitlifestyle
“My perfect summer day begins waking up to the sunrise on beautiful Larry Uteck Boulevard, grabbing coffee, a protein shake and throwing on a Tenfed tank to represent my organization throughout the day—then it’s off to the Seaport Farmers’ Market for brunch on the waterfront. Following a segway ride around the dockyard, I rally up the guys and get a good old outdoor workout in, then pick up some lady friends, hop on a boat and lounge in the harbour for the afternoon with a few causal day drinks. Early into the evening, we head to a beach, lay around for a while, get a fire going and cook caveman style. After all of that, I head downtown to end the night off with patio drinks.”