The 25 for 25 podcast: 1994 | The Coast Halifax

The 25 for 25 podcast: 1994

El Jones and Todd McCallum join us to revisit free speech debates at Dalhousie, then Sharon Fraser talks Pandora's feminist newspaper legacy.

Welcome to episode two of The Coast's 25th-anniversary podcast.

This week arts editor Tara Thorne and city editor Jacob Boon talk about Friends and Rita and Friends. We look back at Shakespeare by the Sea, watch as the city makes its first failed effort to make amends for Africville and discuss the practicalities of racing cars over the Halifax Common.

Author and journalist Sharon Fraser joins us in the studio to discuss local feminist newspaper Pandora—how it was born out of the frustrations faced by local journalists in sexist newsrooms, its mission to be intersectional before that word even existed and the Human Rights case that brought the paper to an in 1994.

Then the hosts of CKDU's Black Power Hour, El Jones and Todd McCallum, are here to talk about the original free speech warriors who shut down Dalhousie's attempts at launching an anti-discrimination policy. If you thought the Jordan Petersons of the world were insufferable now, just wait till you hear what they were like 24 years ago.

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The full archive of Pandora is available. McCallum also kindly scanned some Dalhousie Gazette articles about the anti-discrimination policy and events on Canadian campuses from 1994, which we've put up online. You can hear the Black Power Hour every Wednesday at 9pm on CKDU.