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1,580 Canadian soldiers injured and killed in Afghanistan

Canadian military releases latest year-end (2009) figures on deaths and injuries in Afghanistan.


The table above lists the annual number of soldiers injured, wounded and killed from the beginning of the Canadian military deployment to Afghanistan in April 2002 to December 31, 2009.

Sharp increase in injuries

The figures, released to the Coast by the Department of National Defence, show that a total of 1,580 Canadian soldiers had been injured and killed in Afghanistan by the end of December. The 2009 total was 505 higher than the 1,075 soldiers injured and killed by the end of 2008.

Non-battle injuries, defined as those injured as a result of traffic accidents, the accidental discharge of a weapon and any other accidental injuries not related to combat, accounted for the largest single increase in 2009. Non-battle injuries also included soldiers reported ill and those sent home for compassionate or medical reasons.

Total deaths and injuries

The number killed in Afghanistan reached 138 in 2009. (So far in 2010, one soldier has died, bringing the total so far, to 139.)

The total number of Canadian soldiers injured and wounded in nearly seven years of war reached 1,442 by the end of December.

Military withholds info on injuries and wounds

The Canadian military releases information on injuries and wounds only at the end of each calendar year. Officials claim they withhold current-year figures for security reasons.

The Department of National Defence also does not disclose the nature or severity of injuries or wounds.