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A Wee Bit

So, I'm walking through the very busy hospital teeming with doctors, nurses, techs and such, and I notice that I'm getting a lot of attention. Well, I did take extra care dressing today, and I put a little make-up on for change, so I'm thinking (all vain and such), "I guess I look pretty good today!" I go down to the cafeteria to get a coffee, and I notice guys actually looking back at me. I get to the elevator and a group of doctors stop talking to stare. So then I'm thinking, "This is too weird." I know I don't look that good! I carefully do a booger check. Nope. I go outside and I notice a woman looking back at me. WTF! I cross the road to sit on a bench, trying to figure out what's going on. Then I see it. My fly is down and my multi-striped granny-panties are are visible for all to see. First, I just started laughing at myself--oh yeah, I looked good...then I got a bit pissed. Really! I must have passed by at least a hundred people--mostly caregivers-- and not one of them had the balls to tell me my fly was down. Take a risk people! Wouldn't you want to know?!