Take a bow. You really had me fooled. | The Coast Halifax

Take a bow. You really had me fooled.

I'm not sure if this is really a "love the way we bitch" or just an after affect of a "love the way we love" post that I only ever thought.

You came into my life slowly and I was hesitant to get to know you. I was always attracted to you, but not really eager to get into a relationship. More shy, vulnerable, and supportive than I've felt in a long time. I even avoided you some nights to keep myself from getting too attached, but loved hearing my phone buzz with an "I miss you", or "movie?".

I let myself let you in, after you gave a great speech about your life during a movie about something I don't remember anything about because I was too busy staring at your cute face. I eventually just couldn't resist having you in my life. I know that sounds gay but it's the only thought I've had in my mind for weeks.

I'm not sure what happened but it happened too suddenly for me to have ever done anything to you. I've run everything in my head over and over again. To make sure I didn't hurt you, not to try to fix things.

Nobody needs to be treated with so little respect. And at this point I just wanna know what happened. Also: You suck and I can't wait to not return your texts.

Lesson: boys and girls. Appreciate the connection you share with the people who let you into their lives; not because you want to fuck them, or because they're hot and you'd look good at a party with them...but because they've opened a door into their life, just for you. Try to love them just enough to give them a little warning before you slam it back in their face after you got warmed up inside. That's the last time I open the door for strangers.

---On the market for a peep hole.