Armview reno coming soon | The Coast Halifax

Armview reno coming soon

Restaurant to expand into the old baber shop space next door.

Come January, the Armview (7156 Chebucto Road, 455-4395) will be a little roomier. A barber shop that once occupied the space next door to the popular west-end diner has closed with the passing of the barber in the summer of 2009. “We took the place over,” announces Armview co-owner George Kapetanakis. “We’re waiting to get some permits and we hope to open [the new space] early in the new year.” The new lounge will easily hold a group of 20 and be available for private parties, wine-tastings, meeting and the like, a genuine multi-purpose room as well as simply more space for customers on busy days. “We’re going to be maneuvering tables from the existing lounge to make it more casual,” says Kapetanakis. And don’t sweat it that the renovations will disturb your regular meals or holiday get-togethers at the Armview, since the work next door has been on-going during off hours. Though part of the restaurant might close for a few days just before the new section opens, “for the most part it’ll be pretty seamless,” says Kapetanakis.