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City Councillors' property tax profiles

What Halifax city councillors stand to save and/or pay under the new tax initiative.

City councillors will vote on the “tax reform” proposal as soon as this coming Tuesday. The proposal will profoundly affect tens of thousands of property tax bills in HRM, so it’s entirely appropriate to ask: How will councillors’ votes affect their own property bills? The list below shows what “tax reform” does to the city portion of councillor’s tax bills. Provincial and supplemental education charges are not included, as they will remain the same. “N-A” reflects that some councillors don’t have a residence in their name. I haven’t yet figured out the change for Steve Streatch’s Middle Musquodoboit house, because the calculations are complicated by his farming operation. Probably, his city tax would rise $100-$200. ‑TB

CouncillorDistrictNeighbourhoodMarket AssessmentCurrent City taxesTaxes under reform proposal Change 
Peter KellyMayorBedford$213,600 $1,813 $1,383 -$430 
Steve Streatch District 1Middle MusquodoboitNot available at this timen/an/an/a 
Barry DalrympleDistrict 2Wellington$173,800 $1,267 $1,100 -$167 
David HendsbeeDistrict 3Westphal$222,800 $1,728 $1,383 -$345  
Lorelei NicollDistrict 4Cole Harbour$293,800 $2,102 $1,383 -$719 
Gloria McCluskeyDistrict 5North Dartmouth$153,900 $1,217 $1,316 +$99  
Darren FisherDistrict 6Dartmouth$165,300 $1,323 $1,383 +$60  
Bill KarstenDistrict 7Forest Hills$233,500 $1,863 $1,383 -$480 
Jackie BarkhouseDistrict 8Eastern Passage$164,000 $1,182 $1,383 +$201
Jim SmithDistrict 9No property in his namen/an/an/an/a 
Mary WileDistrict 10No property in his namen/an/an/an/a 
Jerry BlumenthalDistrict 11No property in his namen/an/an/an/a 
Dawn SloaneDistrict 12Central Halifax$239,400 $1,594 $1,316 -$278 
Sue UteckDistrict 13South end Halifax$464,300 $3,753 $1,316 -$2,437
Jennifer WattsDistrict 14Connaught$322,700 $2,550 $1,316 -$1,234 
Russell WalkerDistrict 15Fairview$169,400 $1,363 $1,335 -$28
Debbie HumDistrict 16Wentworth$414,900 $3,132 $1,383 -$1,749
Linda MosherDistrict 17Cowie Hill?$250,000 $2,084 $1,383 -$701
Stephen AdamsDistrict 18No property in his namen/an/an/an/a
Brad JohnsDistrict 19No property in his namen/an/an/an/a
Bob HarveyDistrict 20Sackville$239,400 $1,824 $1,383 -$441
Tim OuthitDistrict 21Bedford$357,500 $2,743 $1,383 -$1,360
Reg RankinDistrict 22Timberlea$236,300 $1,892 $1,383 -$509
Peter LundDistrict 23Tantallon$507,200 $2,482 $880 -$1,602