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coffee bitches

ok, when you come into the store and say GIVE ME A COFFEE, first of all.. where the hell are your manners??? second, there are a number of different kinds of coffee, what kind do you want?? third, what size coffee would you like? and forth, what do you take in your coffee? i know damn well if i just gave you a large black you wouldnt be to impressed.. but when i ask what size , what kind you want and what do you take in it..i get a strange look like im supposed to just know what you like.."just give me a coffee" jeez im not a freakin mind reader so please.. when i ask you what you want in your coffee, what size and so on.. please dont stand there holding up the line saying "ummm" , "uhhhh" and finally say "GIVE ME CREAM AND SUGAR" what is so hard about walking in and asking for a medium coffee with cream and sugar, i can almost gurantee its not your first time ordering a coffee, you must already know what you take in it so why be so dumb and rude about it. some people are so ignorant.. you dont hear me saying GIVE ME YOUR MONEY or GIVE ME A TIP no do you?
p.s. thank you to everyone who is polite and has a smile on their faces, you brighten my day like you couldnt imagine =)
---give me this, give me that