To the panhandler outside the Halifax ferry station

How fucking dare you! You, sir, are a real piece of fucking work. Wait, did I say “work,” I meant SHIT!

When you asked me for money this morning I had no cash on me (otherwise I would have given you some, but now I’m glad THAT didn’t happen). So I responded kindly with a “No, sorry.” And a shake of the head. And what did you do in response?! You looked me straight in the eye and said “Fuck you!”

Fuck me? Fuck ME?? No, FUCK YOU, you presumptuous, egotistic piece of trash! How very dare you! My money is MY money, and if/when I choose to give it to someone on the streets I do so out of the kindness of my own fucking heart, not because they deserve it somehow!

The very fucking nerve of you to respond to me like that! I’m not going to tell you to get a job because I don’t know you or your circumstances but holy shit FUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU! You’re not fucking OWED anything by any person walking by you except the respect afforded to you by the fact that you’re a person as well. I gave you that respect and you turned around and insult me because I couldn’t fucking do something I was incapable of doing?

I’m going to remember your face, and the next time I have cash if I stumble upon your sorry ass I’m going to keep walking and give it to someone else.

I’m not asking to be treated like fucking royalty here but holy fucking shit what you did was beyond boorish and impertinent. I hope the earful I gave you after the fact managed to penetrate that thick skull of yours, but I doubt it. Hopefully if you read this later, some guilt will worm its way into your unmannered self and you will think twice before doing that again. I repeat: YOU. ARE. NOT. OWED. ANYONE’S. MONEY.  –It’s MY Fucking Money, Asshat