High road, low beams

Two drivers I passed last night on the highway proceeded to speed up, tail gate and turn their high beams on to try to annoy me in some sort of road rage revenge.  It's a new car with bright white lights but I wasn't tail gating or using the high beams when I was behind them.  I'd quickly passed but not in an aggressive manner.  I'm assuming they'd thought I had my high beams on—I didn't.  The regular beams didn't seem to annoy oncoming traffic—no one flashed me—but apparently they do annoy people in front (at least 10 car lengths).  Anyway, don't assume because someone has whiter headlights that they've got their high beams on or purposefully chose a car just to annoy you. You won't appreciate it when you update your car and people tailgate and try to blind you in some sort of misguided vengeance. —Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror Anyway