Slayer | The Coast Halifax


World Painted Blood (Sony)

ZOMG NEW SLAYER. Listening to this and I am back in junior high wearing all black and pretending I am better than everyone, when in reality I am totally jealous of my friend's Amiga and will punish his level 26 mage with my sadistically nerdy dungeon-mastering ways. (Magic missile this, you better-computer-having jerk.) Twenty-six years into its career with Rick Rubin back at the helm, Slayer has lost no speed and ferocity. The band's penchant for silly-ass lyrics is ever present, but Rubin's stripped down, razor-sharp production makes up for it at every step. With the postponement of next week's show I am tempted to storm into my room and rage with this album cranked to 11, except, like, I'm an adult and stuff.

World Painted Blood - Slayer