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Strange Adventures Comic Bookshop

The beloved comic store on Sackville has been called the best of its kind on Canada, nay, the world. "Now we want to look like it," says owner Calum Johnston. This means a rearranging of stock, sales to clear out some back issues, bookshelves replacing spinning racks and eventually, new flooring, all to create what Johnston calls Strange Adventures 2.0, coming soon. "We still have as much stuff as we've ever had," he assures concerned customers. It's just going to look cooler. Titles to look out for in the season to come include Absolute Death, a large collection of the many appearances of the Sandman's sister in the iconic Neil Gaiman-penned DC fantasy title and her own miniseries. Also, Strange Tales*, a mature readers anthology where some of the biggest names in indie comics--- Paul Pope, Nicholas Gurewitch, Johnny Ryan, and Peter Bagge---work on their favourite Marvel characters. There's local writer-artist Darwyn Cooke's Parker, Book One: The Hunter, which Strange Adventures manager David Howlett describes as "two-fisted revenge thriller about a hardass career criminal out to get what's his," adapted from Donald Westlake's (writing as Richard Stark) novel. Finally, check out Asterios Polyp by Daredevil and Batman: Year One artist David Mazzuchelli. Howlett calls it "a massive, stand-alone graphic novel about a professor of architecture re-examining his life and failed relationships after losing his home and all his possessions in a fire. Best book of the year so far, I'd say."

Silver: Monster Comic Lounge
Bronze: Quantum Frontier