Best Halifamous Person

Ellen Page

After a lull where we didn't see the Oscar nominee, now Ellen is everywhere, even in the streets of Halifax (there were frequent sightings over the summer---it's good to know despite her Hollywood schedule she still gets to come home once in awhile). She starred in Drew Barrymore's directorial debut *Whip It* and will soon be in Christopher (*The Dark Knight*) Nolan's science fiction picture *Inception,* as well as *Peacock,* a thriller set in the American midwest. And regarding the Halifamous nod, we don't mean to suggest that multiple winner the Divine Ms P isn't worthy, but you'd think that captaining your NFL team to the Stanley Cup or releasing the biggest and best, Polaris-Prize-shortlisted record of your career might have put Sid or Joel over the top this year. But no, the much-admired, pint-sized actor brings home the gold again.

Silver: Sidney Crosby
Bronze: Joel Plaskett