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The Marram Grass, Anne Simpson (Gaspereau)

Simpson takes a poetic walk

Poet and novelist Anne Simpson, who lives in Antigonish, uses her home turf, and other points across the province, to trod and to think through otherness in writing generally, poetry in particular. Added up, the six essays seem to suggest place is the other for this writer and, as such, helps us understand ourselves, our lives or being. The author only briefly explains her reasons for going to various sites and getting involved in the different situations that lead to the walks that trigger the thoughts. For example, she breezes over exactly why she wanted to go to a friend's cottage where he was offering a weekend of "shamanic journeying" except to say she was "prepared to try it." Simpson saves the exploration and elaboration for the walks. Though the brevity, or omission, distracts, these aren't, after all, personal essays.