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Complicity in the face of Climate Change

Today I read in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star a new tar sands development is on the horizon, to the production tune of 40 000 barrels a day. Astonishing. Here we sit in this nation as owners of the single largest point contributer of climate change emissions in the world, i.e. the Athaabasca Tar Sands. Currently it emits a full 1% of these gaseous pollutants. with a volume of 150 feet thick covering an area the size of Nova Scotia plus a second Cape Breton, the potential for further atmospheric damage is shocking indeed.

And where does our Federal Gov't sit? Squarely in the hip pocket of the "├Âil patch". Thus nothing is done to curb these lethal byproducts of the petroleum goliaths. For the past 15 years Canada has held on to the silver medal in per capita emissions of climate altering gases, a mere 0.1 behind the gold medallists...the United States of America.

Right. Mr Obama will clear up that little problem will he? His administration just handed over 19 billion dollars to the bankrupt auto industry. Gee whiz. What do autos run on? Where does all the plastic, apholstery and moldings come from? Even Peabody's pet boy Sherman knows the answer. Leadership? Nowhere to be found on either side of the 49th parallel.