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Downtown Pizza Joint

So I live in Dartmouth(downtown). I ordered a Pizza from this Downtown Pizza Place up by the Dartmouth Shopping Center. I waited an hour for a Pizza that was suppose to be here in 45mins. I was working a 14hour day, looking forward to my Bacon Double CheeseBurger Pizza for 13.49. Easy Cheese, add Mushroom. The order arrived. I gladly tipped the driver 5dollars as I enjoy this Pizza very much. I walk it to the kitchen and a horrible odur came from the Box. It had extra cheese, PLUS HOT PEPPERS, with NO mushrooms. I called them back and fought with the man. I diplomatically told him the error and asked if he could send a new one out. Assuming it was their mistake he would send it out right away, expediate it through faster. Alas he informed me it was the right pizza, it came with hot peppers, I said it did not as I had had it 3 times already this week. He said do you have a menu, I said YES and it isnt listed as an ingredient. He said he could give me a credit for the Pizza. I asked him what I was to eat tonight. He said he could send me a new pizza in 45mins to an HOUR. I mentioned to him that this is unexceptable. Why couldnt I be placed ontop and send out my order first. He said it was a Friday night. He said I could walk there and pick it up if i wanted. I told him that was unacceptable. We decided to let it go at that. I called back 2 minutes later, saying to him I wanted my 20dollars back and I would wait the 45mins for my money and I would never call back. The driver then got on the phone and said he would drive one down as soon as its out of the oven. I agreed to this. I was quoted 30mins. Well Lesson Learned. I am not sure. Am I weary of eating this pizza, YES. I warn you all. Enjoy the slice....