Fuck NS Healthcare

So I call a phone line after regular business hours to get some advice because something very weird is happening and they suggest I go to a hospital to get checked because I might be having an emergency. I comply and am examined and told that it might not be an emergency but I should check with a specialist in that particular field as soon as possible just to be sure. So the next day I phone the specialist's office, the one where they told me to "call right away" if I'm having certain symptoms and they tell me that despite my symptoms I can't be seen without a referral. So, I phone my family physician's office and the earliest they can see me is in six days. The only other option is to go to a walk-in clinic, and the last time I tried that they told me, at mid-day, that they were full-up till the next day. It's now past mid-day on the second day of the weirdness and I'm having trouble seeing. So, I decided what the hell? Who needs two retinas anyway? One eye is as good as two, isn't it? —Fucked Every Which Way