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How do you show love for yourself?

What TLC means to Sex + Dating survey-takers.

Treat yo' self means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but it turns out those of you who took this year's anonymous Sex + Dating survey actually have a ton in common (you all just looooove jacking off). Regardless, we've rounded up some of the best responses to the question, "How do you show love for yourself?" Well done everyone. Keep doing you.

“Eating well, exercising, hydrating, exfoliating and moisturizing.”

“Massages and hair appointments.”

“Masturbation, yoga, treats!”

“Good coffee.”

“Taking care of myself and doing what I love/want to do.”

“Online shopping.”

“Write about self-love. Take pictures of myself in my underwear. Try to be thankful for my body in all of its states.”

“Take time alone.”

“Bath, candles and a biiiiiiig glass of wine.”

“Nice underwear.”

“My hand, vibrator.”

“Prioritize myself and my emotional needs before others.”

“Grab a shower and smoke a joint.”

“Read books, articles and interviews with queer people (specifically trans people) about their gender identity. It's comforting reading about all the many ways people queer their gender identity/expression.”

“Don’t beat myself up when I want to take a day off from the world.”

“Sometimes I buy myself something pretty, but mostly the masturbating seven-plus times-a-week thing.”

“Not letting insecurities take over.”

“Being serious about boundaries and always learning.”