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36 of the biggest red flags in online dating profiles

Yeah, hard pass from our Sex + Dating Survey respondents

1. Topless bathroom selfies.

2. Obviously ill-kept living quarters.

3. Guns

4. A picture of their car.

5. Bitterness towards their target dating demographic.

6. Horses

7. Too much love for Jesus.

8.“Dal law”

9. “Not interested in drama.”

10. “Devil’s advocate”

11. Pictures of them with a girl that has her face Photoshopped out.

12. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

13. Beer cans

14. “Never know what to say in these things.”

15. Any jokes about their dick size.

16. Men who change their gender to female on Tinder to try and get with lesbians.

17. Holding a fish.

18. Puppy dog noses on their photos and headlines that say, “Not into players.”

19. “My kid comes first.” Duh.

20. Photos of yourself from childhood. It's unsettling.

21. Mentioning sex at all, and especially mentioning being “Dom.” Unless it's a kink-specific site it comes off way too strong and telegraphs you are probably a rapey idiot who knows nothing about real kink.

22. The Big Bang Theory

23. “Traditional values”

24. Heterosexual couple looking for a third.

25. If they list their job as “Founder/CEO.”

26. When they put coffee as an interest.

27. The phrase, “I don't bite...unless you ask ;)”

28. Love of MMA fighting.

29. When they say things like “Don't bother swiping right if you wear too much makeup,” or “Don't swipe right if your weight starts with a two.”

30. Racial preferences

31. Success peacocking

32. Typos

33. Referring to women as “females.”

34. “Works at Self-Employed”

35. Confederate flag

36. “Trying this again for the 20th time”