What’s your biggest question about sex, dating and love? | The Coast Halifax

What’s your biggest question about sex, dating and love?

So many questions from the anonymous folks who filled out our Sex+Dating survey

It would be nice if we had all the answers, wouldn't it? The game of love (and Tinder) is full of so many frustrating unknowns so we popped this loaded question to the heart-on-sleeve Sex + Dating survey respondents. Turns out we're all just a people wishing we could read minds.

“How do I know if I’m making a mistake I’ll regret for the rest of my life?”

“Is it possible to have a purely physical attraction to someone without the emotional stuff that comes with it and can I have a side hook up from time-to-time without ruining the great relationship we already have?”

“Why does sexual violence still exist in 2018? And when will the micro-aggression towards my partner and I end? Or any other queer couples.”

“Why can't we all just be honest and real with each other, rather than make up excuses/lie thinking it's going to do less damage? Surprise, it actually hurts a hell of a lot more.”

“How do you win the perfect person back after you really fucked up?”

“What makes a lasting relationship when it seems like everyone splits up?”

“How do we eliminate the shame around sexuality for our children so they don't have the same baggage we do?”

“How do you communicate to a girl that you're flirting with her in a romantic/sexual way and not just a playful ‘gals being pals’ way?”

“When do you know when to get married? Like the fact that you can just sorta decide that at any time is strange to me.”

“Will things work out for me?”

“Why do people need sex so much to be happy or feel their relationship is validated? A friend of mine was complaining constantly about not enough sex after his wife had their kid. I had to tell him to grow up stop whining like a boy and beat off.”

“Why is it so hard for men to write a decent online profile?”

“How do you tell someone you're only interested in casual sex over a dating app without coming off like a misogynistic straight boy?”

“How do you pick a healthy partner and maintain a healthy relationship? Are healthy relationships less passionate?”

“How to enjoy your relationship without constantly worrying about the future and planning for your future together (because you're afraid they will not want that probably).”

“How can I stop feeling guilty about leaving my kids to have my own love life?”

“What is up with all the sexting? Is it cheating? It seems like everyone is doing it. I’ve had married men (an old friend from high school) and men in relationships (an ex) approach me looking to sext when I’m in a relationship myself.”