Best of John Hughes: film clips

To get you ready for the Breakfast Club on Friday night, we compiled some of our favourite Hughes moves.

Before he became the teen-screen king, Hughes wrote a little screenplay called Vacation, based on his short story, Vacation '58. Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) became the oft-mimicked dad: well-intentioned, but screw-loosey.

In every Hughes movie, there is always hope: Maybe, just maybe, fresh-breathed Farmer Ted will get with Samantha (who is gaga for Jaaaaaaaake) in Sixteen Candles. Or, at least, her underwear.

Hughes was a visionary: meet the 1980s version of Facebook. Love the futuristic Pong graphics.

Hughes knew that the unlikely sensitive guy always wins in the end. Andrew McCarthy (occasional Law & Order villain, smarmy dad on Gossip Girl) and James Spader (bloaty, Boston Legal) look way older here than John Cryer does now on Two and a Half Men.

The best part of watching this scene on cable television on Sunday afternoons: the networks remove the previous pot-smoking scene, so apparently the Breakfast Club kids (even Allison) are all just happy to be alive.

So many amazing moments in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but, as suggested by Mark Palermo, this is just beautiful filmmaking, pure and simple.

So much delicious unrequited love; so many reasons to yell "you idiot!" at the screen. Here, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) demonstrates the kiss that kills to dum-dum Keith (Eric Stolz) in Some Kind of Wonderful. Bonus, if you can use it: "Amanda Jones is no minor leaguer."

Since news of his death was made public, this blog entry, from a long-time pen pal of Hughes, has been passed around more times than that wacky joint in Breakfast Club. In it, Alison Byrne Fields writes "(Hughes) told me a sad story about how, a big reason behind his decision to give it all up was that '(Hollywood)' had 'killed' his friend, John Candy, by greedily working him too hard."

Can't think of a single Hughes movie that ends in sad tears. Classic Hughes dripper: "You look good wearing my future."