NS food producers may win big

Culinary tourism the focus of 2010 conference

Nova Scotia has been chosen to host the inaugural World Culinary Tourism Thought Leadership World Summit and Consumer Marketplace (isn’t that a mouthful) in September 2010. The summit will bring together hundreds of experts in the field of culinary tourism---that is, travelling with your tastebuds and stomach in mind---to discuss the state of the industry and sustaining it into the future. The host committee includes members of the province-wide marketing program Taste of Nova Scotia, the Winery Association of Nova Scotia, ACOA, various provinical departments, the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Association of Cooks & Chefs as well as the good people at Slow Food Nova Scotia. Congratulations you guys. We’re looking forward to more details about the event and how you plan to shine a light on locally produced delicacies.