start watering or stop planting, for fuck's sake

This could be a love post because damn doesn't driving down Connaught or Jubilee or any of the south-end treed lined street on a spring day move me to tears with their beautiful canopy of leaves, but love posts aren’t read, so I'm turning this into a negative with a big shout out to the official tree-planting people of HRM to tell to stop planting trees if you're not going to look after them and yeah, I know you’ve got some kind of plan, some mandate to stick a certain number of trees in the ground whenever there's new development or road changes regardless of whether there’s any soil, but tight root balls stuck in rocky dirt don’t do well even in our wettish climate, so do what other cities do, and water them for the first 2 years following planting, maybe a little food too, let them develop a healthy root structure, and then they’ll be self-sufficient and beautiful and someday make our newer neighbourhoods almost as lovely as the peninsula (except for the cookie-cutter designs, but I’ll save that rant for another day) and if you don’t agree with me, just drive down Lacewood from Dunbrack to Bayers Lake and see the pitiful trees with plentiful bare branches that have nothing but superficial roots and have hardly grown more than a few feet despite some of them being in the ground for more than a decade and I know you’ll keep replacing the “dead” ones with new ones that will only die off again without water, without soil sucking up more tax dollars and yes, I saw them the day they went in and they were healthy and beautiful and yes, they’re actually supposed to have leaves on all their branches; and yes, it’s simply your negligence that’s ruining em.