Splice Brings Mac Magic

The local Apple masters offer new educational and system opportunities

Known primarily for its software training and Apple-related business solutions, Splice (1668 Barrington, 444-4225) is offering quite a lot more to its clients and customers these days. “We're now doing repairs of Apple computers,” says Apple-certified trainer Woody Lidstone. “Laptops are really popular and with the portability of them, we tend to find people put a bit more wear on them, so we see more of the MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but we can do iMacs and servers too.” With three trained technicians on staff fulltime, they feel they can handle the growing popularity of Mac products and whatever problems you may encounter.

Here’s Lidstone with the lowdown: “First, we put in a tracking system that emails you to tell you what's going on with your repair: Has the part arrived, has the part been ordered, is it undergoing testing, so you don't have the hassle of having to call in every few days asking for an update on the repair. We have a special program for business customers where they can get server monitoring and on-site repair pickup. We stock parts that are commonly prone to failure, so some repairs are possible within a day.”

Also, if you want to be a coder, Splice is launching an iPhone and Mac Programming Bootcamp later this month. “Who hasn't come up with a great idea for an iPhone app? At the end of our Foundation and iPhone bootcamps, more Haligonians will be well on their way to making their first iPhone hit,” says Lidstone.

Oh, and there’s much more, including regular Mac programming meetings, free Mac seminars, etc. You’re best to contact them for all the details, or check out the website for more info on all things Apple: splicetraining.ca.