Seriously? Don't you have gardening to do or something?!

My friend was filming a movie for our final work term assignment for school, and one of the scenes had him filming one of the girls outside on his street, as she "hit" her head on the curb, with a little bit of fake blood for good measure. It was harmless, as the girl laughed between takes, she clearly was in no danger. But NO, some bitch had to come outside, exclaiming "THAT'S NOT FUNNY" "You shouldn't be doing that!" and threatened to call the police. Obviously he wasn't going to stop filming, so the bitch ended up ACTUALLY calling the cops. They moved filming inside and waited for the cops to arrive. The police car drove up, saw nothing suspicious, and drove off. Bitch should have been charged for wasting precious time, that could have been spent actually saving someone's life or something.

---Annoyed With Cranky Old Hags