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The fizz

Every time I go in a certain grocery store for a two-litre bottle of Big 8 sparkling water, there is never any on the shelves.  I made another special trip to your store for nothing, you bastards. There's always that awful salty soda water that nobody likes, but never any sparkling. WHY? Is it because you'd rather gouge your customers, forcing them to buy that expensive Pellegrino that's only half the size of the Big 8 brand and not as bubbly, but double the price.  Why can't your no-good stock boys keep Big 8 sparkling water on the shelves? There is never any there. Like, the last 10 times I went in—NONE! But there is always a price marker on the empty shelf, so I know you still carry it.  Those stock boys are just lazy and don't want to lug more out.  They're all out back smoking and not doing their job. Get it together! —Mini Pizzas And Pellegrino