I'm funnier than you

I went to a comedy night last Monday and I'm still not over how terrible it was. Other than the host and last two comics (who I can’t comment on because I didn't even stay to watch them perform), each comic expressed a degree of sexism, ranging from insulting to just dreadfully boring. Have none of these guys got the memo that people are tired and fed up with the sexism that the comedy industry has been plagued with for however many decades? Do they internet at all? Touching on the fact that you realize sexism and harassment are on the forefront of minds and a daily reality for majority of womxn but then continue to punch down on said population with degrading jokes does not make you edgy or provocative, it just shows you have nothing original or of real interest to share with your audience.

I had to go home and YouTube some real comedy to get rid of the violent vibes that that show left me with. I really didn't think it could be that bad! It was painful and someone needed to tell you. —In Need Of Woke Comedy Please