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Went to farThe

Yesterday morning on my way to work on the #7 2 boys were using the F word on the bus so when the tall one got off the driver barred him from all buses and told him if he is at the bus stop the next day the police would be called. So today he was at the stop when we got there along with 2 supervisors and then the police came. The driver got off, left the bus door open and I could hear most of what was said. The boy is barred from all buses and any metro transit property for a month and if he doesnt listen will go to prison. I was surprised by this because rapists go free but if you swear on the bus you could go to prison. The police officer then drove the boy to school. A little harsh I would say. I think the next time a bus driver swears on the bus the same thing should apply.

---Really surprised by this.