Shut up about the fucking plastic bags costing a nickle | The Coast Halifax

Shut up about the fucking plastic bags costing a nickle

It's a fucking nickle. Get over it. If you buy $300 of groceries, you might spend a dollar on bags. That's basically nothing in comparison to what you're already paying for the food.

I also don't care if you "don't agree with the policy" or what crazy scenario you've constructed in your head to justify your outrage at the bag situation. I've yet to hear an actual good argument from anyone about why this is a bad policy aside from "it's going to cost you customers". If it gets you whiny shits out of my hair, I'm fine with that. I had one guy tell me that plastic bags have zero environmental impact, but the cloth ones contain poison, another guy tell me that it was a scheme to sell more bags, and a woman tell me that if we really cared about the environment, we'd use paper bags and not charge for them(and decimate the tree population while we're at it!).

Don't ask me to tell management that you can't spare a nickle for a bag, because they care even less than I do. But most of all, don't fucking complain to me about it. I've already got a shit job as it is, I don't need you expressing your outrage over five cents every time you're in and expecting me to sympathize because frankly, even someone on a cashier's salary can afford five cents for a bag.

---Cashier who's sick of complaints