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You know what really grinds my gears

People who decide to chat with me when I’m with my daughter about my daughter and when they ask the question: “are you a single parent” and I say yes

.Stop giving me that condescending look and say “O that poor girl”. You don’t know me or my daughter, and don’t know how we live our lives, so stop stereotyping you ignorant fuckers. Just because I decided that my daughter would have a better childhood having two supportive and happy parents that decided to support her from different homes, doesn’t make me a bad parent. I may make mistakes, but I’m a dam good mom, and my daughter is a dam good kid, and she has a very supportive father.

She doesn’t live a life where she has to deal with her selfish parents fighting on a regular basis, and she isn’t going to have to feel the pain of her parents going through a divorce later on in her life. On another note

to the assholes that tell me I need to find a man to support me and my daughter .fuck you.