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Best Artist / Band To Dance To

Windom Earle

According to Windom Earle singer Stephan MacLeod, dancing is so 2008. This year, “we’re trying to evolve beyond dancing by incorporating contact sports in our set, like when we played dodgeball with the audience at our Pop Explosion set. Hopefully next year The Coast will have a category for best band to throw balls at.” Still, if you caught Windom Earle on The Coast float at the Pride parade, revving up the crowd Ferris Bueller-style, you know they got moves. And tights. If you want to practice Windom Earle’s signature style, MacLeod has this advice: “There’s a video of a middle-aged businessman practicing pole dancing on YouTube that I watch before we play shows. I’d like to work some of his moves into our set, but I think they only work if you are a stripper or a middle-aged business man.”

First runner up: Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
Second runner up: Smokin’ Contra Band