You don't have all of us fooled

You hang out on the busses. You chat away to everyone who sits still long enough to listen. You give young ladies cab fare when they can't get home and chat them up like a sweet old(ish) man. What a lot of people don't know is that you are ignorant and racist. You start stuff with people you don't like. You use the N-word and talk about how everyone should have a N!@@#$ tied up in their back yard. I once told you to keep your rotten opinions to yourself and you told me you were 'prejudiced and proud'. I'm not the only one who has seen your true colors. Bus drivers and supervisors have been putting up with you for years. All I can think of every time I read something about disgruntled transit employees is that its people like you that make them that way. I'd like to hear you make one of your comments within earshot of the people you call down. Perhaps if someone smacked you upside your fat head with that cane you hit kids with you might be inclined to behave yourself in public. We can't change who you are or what you think, but we shouldn't have to put up with it.

--- I'm on to you