Cranky Co-Workers

Stop this least while your at work! Here in my 4x4 cubicle, all I can hear next to me is the cranky voice of my co-worker complaining to anyone about everything. Could be another co-worker walking by her desk or an innocent victim who dares to dial her phone number. The office is too hot, now its too cold, too much work load, hates our computer system, too complicated, too slow, Groupwise in not working properly, lights are too bright, air quality is too stuffy, too many phone calls...oh, don't forget her terrible health ailments which consists of headaches, sore neck, shoulder, back and feet. Sooo annoying. I'm a pretty relaxed person, but hearing this shit all day, I find that by 4 pm its rubbed off on me. Heck...she's even driven me to write in the "Bitch". If I could block out her, I would, but she is sooo loud and constant. I fuckn' love my job but she is slowly draining my happiness. Please go on long-term disability you fucking cranky anus wart!!!