plea to dog owners

this is not so much a bitch but a plea to all fellow dog owners. im sure everyone is tired of no dogs allowed in apartment buildings, so lets show halifax what responible pet owners are capable of. Lets clean up thier poo, spend time to train them, if you have a job that has long hours where your dog is left unattended for half a day, dont own a dog, it is not fair to building owners, tenets or mostly the sweet pooch. we as a coalition can change the perseption that dogs are destructive and bad. we can get pet insurance for 20$ a month that covers damage an axious pup might do but for the love of god, it is not everyone elses fault that dogs have a bad wrap. it is the owners, we can clean up, prevent yards from being demolished, and dogs wont smell up a building if you mop and vaccuum, Lets do it people, lets turn halifax into the dog friendly city it once was. for the dogs sake

---responisble dog owner and renter