Surf Movies to Raise Funds

Nova Scotia Surfriders Association hosts a movie night featuring Clay Marzo's Just Add Water.

Spring's Freakin' Coming is the optimistic title of the movie night extravaganza Dacane Surf Shop (5239 Blowers Street, 431-7873) is hosting at nearby Coconut Grove (1567 Grafton, 444-0887), starting at 7:30pm, Friday, February 27. The movie night is a fundraiser for junior development of surfing through the Nova Scotia Surfriders Association, which promotes all aspects of wave catching in the province. Your $5 gets you in the door to see a screening of a documentary on Hawaiian surfer Clay Marzo called Just Add Water, as well as a second still-to-be-decided surf film (which might be A Fly In The Champagne: A Documentary Rooted in Rivalry, about the competitive spirit between big-name surfers Kelly Slater and Andy Irons).