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Deteoriating Downtown

Don't get me wrong, Downtown Halifax is awesome as long as you don't leave Spring Garden. Or, you know, at least try to avoid most of Barrington.

Sunday is the last day of Gingers tavern existence leaving yet another boarded up building front on that block. How many businesses have crumbled there in recent memory? The Doolys space continues to remain empty give the owners refusal to allow small businesses to move in and divide the space. Plus we go Sam's right across the street, Frozen Ocean, someone thankfully filled in the book store's closure on the Blowers Street corner. Let's not forget disgusting cesspool hiding behind the Hollywood style building front next to the Neptune, lord knows the summertime heat will be a reminder of what's in there.

To top off the general decay now we have several armed robberies in a single week:

February 16th, GO #09-23434 & February 18th, GO #09-24503

For the cities dependence on tourist money it's fast turning into a undesirable area for this coming tourist season.

But! But! Roads need widening! Streets need to not get plowed! Money needs to be pissed away on Commonwealth games and trade centre upgrades! I mean we failed in our branding campaign that our denizens were well educated (they all moved away), and that we have an amazing technology sector (that tanked) we're bound to hit it with one of these attempts right? Why not the city of mismanagement? Gotta set the bar low so we can at least give ourselves a chace.

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