The Bomb Scares are back!

Defunct Halifax punk band The Bomb Scares are getting back together this weekend for two special shows put on by birthday boy Mark Black (Friday, January 16 with The Kamalas, The Stolen Minks and Matt Reid and Saturday, January 17 with Genetic Angry, End of the Summer, Minivan Halen and Road Rash at 2627 Connolly Street). “The Bomb Scares were formed in 1996 with the lineup of (myself) on guitar and vocals, Ian Competent on bass and vocals and Riff Rhonda on drums,” says Generrick. “We collectively loved garage punk and there was a noticeable lack of it in Halifax at the time.” This Friday’s show at Gus’ shows a bit of a departure for the band, venue-wise. “We only played all ages shows,” says Generrick. “Personally, I didn't think older people would like us because our songs were kind of silly. My favorite show we ever did was at Dio Mio Gelato in early 1998.” All silly garage punk fun aside, the band had to call it quits due to that most heinous evil: work. “We broke up in spring of 1998 because I had to move away for work. We were about to release a 7" independently, but it never happened,“ says Generrick. “We've reunited for Mark's birthday. Riff lives out of town now, so we added Emily W. on drums as well as Tyler B. on guitar. They understood where the band was coming from musically and culturally. I haven't met many people into the kind of music The Bomb Scares were inspired by, so I knew right away those guys would be perfect.” Of course enquiring minds want to know, is there chance that the band will make a permanent comeback? “It's unlikely we'll write new material at this point,” Generrick responds. “I don't want to play regularly, but I wouldn't rule it out for special occasions.” As far as special birthday surprises go, Generrick says, “We've learned a few new covers. Mark will know most, if not all of them!”