Metalian massacre

On Sunday, December 21 it’s gonna be a Christmassacre with Montreal’s Metalian (at Gus’ Pub with Spew and Black Moor). Metalian are a band of mostly transplated Nova Scotians who are hell-bent on “bringing back the spirit of old school heavy metal.” In the band’s own words: “We’re mega stoked to be back in Halifax. We always have the best shows back here---as most of us are from here---and we East Coasters are some of the best at rocking in the world.” After their holiday break, the band are releasing a split with DIE (Death Is Easy) from Albany, NY on Work’n Stiff Records in early January and following that up with a full length, Wasteland, in March on Deer Skull Records. The guys are busy and full of bombast, claiming: “anybody who digs any kind of rock & roll; punk rock, metal, hard rock, or whatever, will definitely enjoy a Metalian show.“