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Best Student Hang Out

Gorsebrook Lounge

Loren Caborn, who this year went from manager of the Gorsebrook to being liquor services manager for all of Saint Mary’s, says that the philosophy at the ever-popular Gorsebrook is if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Wednesday night’s open mic continues to draw the big crowds, as well as regular theme nights (“Western Night!”) and live bands, including Ten Mile House and Under The Sun. Still, there could be some new kinds of entertainment coming down the pike in the near future. “We’re trying to land a freak show,” says Caborn. He knows there’s nothing like a guy who likes to hammer nails into his head to get people excited. Saint Mary’s University, 496-8712 Gorsebrook Lounge

1st Runner-up: Split Crow Pub , 1855 Granville, 422-4366

2nd Runner-up: Coburg Coffee House , 6085 Coburg, 429-2326