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Best Nightclub

Reflections Cabaret

Once again Reflections takes the triple crown of the dance scene. The Sackville street venue has become iconic for being all things to all people: friendly, inclusive, upbeat, with a variety of live acts, DJ nights and an anything-goes kind of atmosphere. “We’ve made some changes to make it easier to get in and out,” says owner Mike Schmid, thinking of the smokers. He says the security has been upgraded and there’s a bunch of new lighting, to keep the place sharp. “We try to do something new every six months or so.” Whether you’re celebrating a pre-wedding event with a group of boisterous friends, looking to check out a spectacular drag act, or simply staying out late to shake your groove thing and sweat it all out on the dance floor, you can’t go wrong here. 5184 Sackville, 422-2957 Reflections Cabaret

1st Runner-up: Pacifico Bar & Grill, 1505 Barrington, 422-3633

2nd Runner-up: Tribeca Bistro Bar, 1588 Granville, 492-4036