Best Place To Stalk Celebrities

Economy Shoe Shop

If you bring your camera and make an ass of yourself, that won’t do, but the Argyle Street hotspot is a hive of little nooks and intimate hiding spots to peer up over your menu and check out who might be loitering. The de facto meeting place for the local film industry, visiting stars will hear about it and drop by. It’s also a popular spot for production wrap parties. We know we don’t have to tell you this, but be cool, OK? Tom Selleck probably won’t appreciate you complimenting his moustache. And the very thing that makes it a good place to spot the famous and infamous also makes it a good place for a first date. In a word: nooks. OK, two words: intimate nooks. 1663 Argyle, 423-7463,

1st Runner-up: The Press Gang, 5218 Prince, 423-9281

2nd Runner-up: Halifax Waterfront