Best Drag Performer

Rouge Fatale

Rogue Fatale is only about five years old now, but is big for her age. Performer Jason Rose-Spurrell created her on a dare in Cape Breton in 2003. “My friends told me they’d buy me drinks for the rest of Pride if I put on this dress,” says Rose-Spurrell, who wound up winning Mz Gay Sydney. “I had a lot of fun. Looked horrible.” Rouge Fatale has made a big splash since her arrival in Halifax, performing at Reflections and, more recently, at Menz Bar. “I do a lot of comedy numbers and some impersonation,” including Mrs Stewart, “a 60-year-old bingo bag with a bad perm and camel toe from front to back.”

1st Runner-up: April Showers

2nd Runner-up: Oliver Hugh