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Best Mechanic Shop

Tom McDonnell Service Centre (Tom McDonnell)

McDonnell, a mechanic for 33 years, is a man of few words, though what he says is to the point. What do you specialize in, Tom? “We do general vehicle repairs.” What do you enjoy most about your work? “Tune-ups and diagnostics.” Any specific vehicle model that you like to work on? “No, we do them all.” Are you busy? “We’re busy every day.” How do you keep up with changes in technology? “We do research. We have all the technical information on the vehicles.” Is there any new computerized gadgets you can’t handle? “No. We’re not really confronted with any problems.” What keeps people coming back to you? “I blame it on my good looks.” Tom McDonnell Service Centre, 5816 Demone, 455-0431

1st Runner-up: Willy at Todd’s Southend Car Care, 990 Barrington, 425-2400

2nd Runner-up: Billy Mastrapas